Bal Thackeray and The Adam Sutler

V for vendetta is one of my all time favourite movie and I remember almost every scene in the movie. The main antagonist in the movie, The High Chancellor Adam Sutler, played by John Hurt with a typical french beard, was characterized as a deeply religious man, spouting hatred and "Fear" was his main weapon in his rise to power...

Recently I was reading about Bal Thackeray and came across one of the picture of him with a french beard and only one face came to my mind immediately...

that of Adam Sutler...

I know that the movie is loosely based on a comic... I was just wondering if there are more similarities between Adam Sutler and Bal Thackeray other than the french beard...

Great movie though...

The Story of Bottled Water

I buy bottled water. At restaurant I ask for one. At the gym to quench my thirst. Whenever I travel , I make sure I have one in my backpack...

Recently I read a story in BBC... How slick advertising and marketing campaigns can turn something that was free into a multi-billion dollar industry...

In the last 40 years the bottled water industry has gone from a business prospect that few took seriously, to a global industry worth billions of pounds.

While the above link teach us some marketing lessons, the exploitative nature of the industry is well explained in the below video...

Modi, Kalmadi, Raja, Raju, Chavan, Yedurappa and Ramamurthy...

Lalit Modi - Accused of Corruption in IPL - Is busy doing a seminar in London...

Kalmadi - Who made CWG front line news for all things wrong - is in Guangzhou voicing for Asiad in India 2019 and criticizing the shooting range there(This is the Highlight)...

A Raja - The man caught in the center of the storm. The mother of all scams "The Spectrum" - Attends the wedding in Madurai...

Ramalinga Raju - Biggest Corporate scam in Indian History - Jumps hospital now and then while CBI is trying hard to charge him...

Yeddyurappa - Busy defending his sons on the alleged land grab - Has gone to seek blessings of Sai Baba...

Ashok Chavan - Involved in the Adarsh Society Scam - Still waiting to be quizzed by the CBI...

Ramamurthy - Caught for demanding 1500 - Swiftly arrested and put behind bars...


Eppadi Iruntha Naan Ippadi Aayittaen...

The other night I was watching the Expendables movie and during this particular scene when Stallone, Arnold and Bruce meet...

Only one scene came to my mind seeing Arnold walking...
"Eppadi Iruntha Naan Ippadi Aayittaen..."

Pakse, 4000 Islands, Wat Phou and more...


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Udon Thani & Ban Chiang


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Waiting for August 14...

Just an innocent status message in gtalk had my friends buzzing me... What's with 14th... what’s with it...

I asked them to guess what it would be...

Some guessed the as usual stuff "Are you returning to India..?", "Machi Enna kalyanama(Are you getting married)..?"

One asked me "Have you become a Pakistani kya..?"

The other... "Hey is it your Birthday?"... I said "No"... "Will you be getting your appraisal then?" he asked again... I couldn't help but laugh... "August 14th could become my birthday... But never will I get my appraisal(so confident about my appraisal)"

One other buzzed me with excitement... "Endhiran release ah..?"

Other friend just noticing the 14th asked me "Are you proposing someone..?" mistaking Aug 14th as the Valentine’s Day... He is working too much I guess...

When I told that 14th is when the "English Premier League" starts... I could see what the reaction on the other side of the chat would be...

"Ithellam Oru Polappu..?" :D


Lunag Prabang... The UNESCO World Heritage City


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Ho Prah Keo, Si Saket... Vientiane


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BC and the language exchange

Last week we went to a client party and I was seated next to a colleague from client team. As usual we were discussing many things and I'm being a language enthusiast asked him to teach some words from his language in exchange of mine...

So I said "First things first... Teach me some important words... The ones I should know when someone shouts at me and I shouldn't be looking stupid not knowing them... I mean the words that pisses one off..." and gave him a big smile... "I will teach you loads of those kind..." I added...

All of a sudden he said "Hey I know one Indian word.... B**** Ch***..."

I couldn't control my laugh and told him politely...

"Don't use that word when something's not working in the system..."

Buddha's of Vientiane


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Good Luck...

But for what???

That Luang - Vientiane


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Tanna Adventure – Jacks, Yasur and Level 2 eruptions

Saturday 09:20

Hi..I'm Siva.. The one you are waiting for...
Whats your name..?
Oh Jack.
Jack. Can we leave..?

Saturday 10:10

It was a short trip from airport to the resort. It was so peaceful a place, less crowded roads (if you could call that a road) and pretty raw. I checked in at the hotel and I was amazed to see how professional they were. The receptionist gave a big lecture though.

Okies... so we won't have power after 10:30 in the night
and comes back only around 7:30 in the morning.
Okies... No fans/air-cons in the room. I don't mind that.
Generators will be switched on when power goes in the morning.
Fax will not work blah blah blah...

The room was pretty good for a night stay, roof made of coconut leaves and cozy, Windows on all sides and nice breeze. You wont even need an AC in here. not even a fan for that matter and the resort had a nice view of the beach from the dining area.

Saturday 11:27

I didn't want to waste much time in the resort, so took my camera and went out for a walk. Not many foreigners around and the place seemed like its your own. Walked for a few mins and I hit a beach. Tanna isn't famous for its beaches. The shores were ragged. It looked like solidified lava.

Saturday 11:50

Enters Jack 2

I'm Siva...
From India...
You are from here..?
oh oh.. that's your house...
so you look after those boats...
hmm... those belong to a resort is it..?
Is that your kayak...?
oh okies.. you go out fishing daily with that...

and the conversation continued for sometime about Tanna, Vanuatu, India and stuff. He was very happy to show around the place. Took me to Blue hole 1 and 2, the snorkeling place in Tanna and around the coastline showing different things...

Little Jack

More Jacks

I waved bye to everyone around and returned to my resort

Saturday 13:25

Hi... What time will be the trip to Volcano...
Okies can you call me at my room around 3...
Coz its such a nice breeze and I surely might sleep. So pls...

Saturday 15:25

Hi Jack...
You'll be our driver and guide too?
Cool... How much will it take to the Volcano..?
2 to 3 hrs... that long is it..?

The road was as expected. No tarmac and all. But the winding roads, greenery everywhere and less people on the road made it a great trip. We passed through several villages which were so basic, there is no electricity, TV and stuff...

These girls were walking from the main town to their village...Around 8 hours walk...

Jack was pretty adept to that terrain. He drove fast when needed, and slowed before we could see the bumps. The ride in the ash plains was itself a great experience...

Saturday 17:49

Worse thing happened. The one I didn't want to happen. It was little overcast during the afternoon and suddenly it started raining. Everyone warned me that if it rains, you get to see only smoke coming out of the volcano and no chance of fireworks. I could see my 500$ melting in rain. I was literally praying and voila it stopped.
Moral of the story: God is there...

Saturday 18:13

We reached the base of the Mt.Yasur and started climbing. We could hear the eruptions from the base itself. I couldnt control myself. I didnt want another rain to come and spoil it. I climbed as fast as I could and there I was witnessing Nature at its best... Piravi Payan Adainthaen...

No words to describe it... It was such a wonderful experience. Standing on the rim of the volcano, heavy winds pushing you, watching the eruption and smelling sulphur...

Saturday 19:15

It got very dark soon and we started returning. It started raining again. It was pitch black everywhere. The lights in the 4WD didn't help much and even then Mr.Jack showed no signs of reducing the speed. I could hardly see a few meters but he was driving like a rally car. Nothing bad as I thought happened and we were back on the roads again.

Saturday 20:45

Jack asked everyone to let him stop for a bottle of Kava on the way to the resort for his friends. We stopped by at the dimly lit Kava shop. I didn't want to let the opportunity pass. Kava is the local drink and how nice it was to end the day with a sip of Kava. be continued

Tanna Adventure – The Flight of the Harbin

After reading about Mt.Yasur Volcano and the kastom villages in Tanna, I wanted to visit the place before leaving Vanuatu. I had much hope on the unity airlines package which seemed to be cheaper.

Friday 13:45

What… you are not operating this Saturday?
Why…? Oh… you need minimum 4 persons to operate the trip...
Any other option...? You can only do it next week.
Ahhhhhhh...I wont be here then.
nahh... thanks...

Great time to get the news for the Saturday trip!!!

Friday 13:59

My research about Tanna came in Handy. I had inquired earlier about the Air Vanuatu flight rates and details and also about some resorts in Lenakel town.

Hey Rio... U know where's Air Vanuatu Office..?
Oh.. is it very near..?

Friday 14:17

Good thing about Port Vila is that it’s a small city and almost all offices are just a walk away.

Do you have seats available for Tanna tomorrow and return on Sunday..?
Oh.. You give 20% discount for those who have flown in via Air Vanuatu..
Great...Yeah.. Please book it.

Friday 14:45

Hi.. Is it Vanuatu Hotels..?
I had already inquired about the Tanna Evergreen resort Garden view Sharing room.
Is it available.
Fine. Book me for tomorrow. checkout on sunday.
Are you running any discount..?
Oh okies.. 3800 vatus for a room.
Fine then... Please book one room for me.

Saturday 06:35

Taxis are a rip-off in Vanuatu, min 10$ for a short ride to Airport, so took a mini Bus from hotel. There are no shortages of buses here as everyone’s idea for investment is always a mini bus. Hopped in one and was there in airport in 10 mins. I checked in for my 8’o clock flight and was happy to see quite a few number of foreigners around. But a flight departed short time later to some island and I was the only foreigner left in the airport waiting for the 8’o clock flight to Tanna. Got little worried and checked my tickets again, whether I have booked the tickets correctly and have noted the time right. All was fine and they called for my flight shortly later.

Saturday 08:00

It was a Harbin and as expected I was the only foreigner in the whole flight. I was just seated behind the cockpit and could see all the dials and controls. I was getting little paranoiac. The Flight took off and we were immediately flying over the pacific.

We flew over islands with dense forests, rugged coastlines, no settlements visible whatsoever.

Saturday 08:43

After a short while we landed . The landing was rough. People started getting out and I also got out. But to my surprise it didn't look like a airport after all.
People were just standing near the flight and it wasn't a runway either. It was just the fields were cleared for a makeshift runway. I was looking for some board with my name on it from the resort people. But nothing. Everyone was looking at me. I ran to the pilot to check with him.

Hi.. Is it Tanna...
Oh... Thank god...
What island is this then..?
Erramango... oh... the next stop is ours...
Ahhhh. For one minute I thought this is Tanna...

Stopover at the Erramango Island: That's the Runway :)

That's the check-in

After unloading almost 400kgs of cargo and almost all other passengers we took off to Tanna.

Saturday 09:10

To my surprise the landing was very smooth and it looked like a proper airport but didn't see a single official though. I just walked out. My worries were gone after seeing the resort guy standing with a board having my name. Thank god.

... to be continued

Vanuatu, Vulcan, 40 Eridani A, 16 light years from Earth

Immigration Officer: What’s this you have filled in the “Country Visiting”
Me: Vanuatu
Immigration Officer: What?
Me: Vanuatu
Immigration Officer: Is it a city or country?
Me: Country
Immigration Officer: Where is it?
Me: Its near Australia... One of the pacific islands...
Immigration Officer: For What Purpose?
Me: As a consultant to a bank and I showed him the invitation letter.
Immigration Officer: Is it..? Sure..? Please go and meet by boss.

Immigration Officer’s Boss: Where are you heading to..?
Me: Vanuatu
Immigration Officer’s Boss: What?
Me: Yes, Vanuatu
Immigration Officer’s Boss: Is it a city or country..?
Me: Country
Immigration Officer's Boss: Where is it?
Me: Its on the planet Vulcan.
Immigration Officer's Boss: For what are you heading there?
Me: I'm going to meet the Vulcan high command on the request of Mr.Spock...
Immigration Officer’s Boss: What race lives there..?
Me: They call them Vulcan's... I replied and gave him a Vulcan salute.

I thought of replying so but I gave him the usual answers again... I couldn't control my laugh when he asked about the race... He smiled back and stamped my passport and I'm pretty much sure, they both would be wondering where the country is and searching the world map...

WHAT THE New Year...

“TO ALL MY DEAR ONES; who made 2009 a fabulous year… Hoping 2010 will be even better"... Read one...

“Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous New year. Best Wishes for a prosperous Year 2010”
Read the other...

Even better(Should I rather say worse)... One official mail from Office
Can’t be spelt without
We had a challenging year 2009!
Thank you for your whole hearted support
Hope to have great year 2010!
Wishing You and Your Family Bright and Prosperous New Year 2010!!!”

“May the day break on Friday, be the beginning of 12 great months, the best year of your life so far!!!
Each moment in a day has its own value.
Morning brings HOPE,
Afternoon brings FAITH,
Evening brings LOVE,
Night brings REST,
Hope you will have all of them everyday.

and lot other e-cards and the chat wishes...

As I sat and read the new year wishes sitting in the same old seat... with the same old job... with the same old leftover issues to look at... with the same WHATEVER you can think of...

I'd better be realistic... "Wish you all just another asusual year"...

:) :) :)