Vanuatu, Vulcan, 40 Eridani A, 16 light years from Earth

Immigration Officer: What’s this you have filled in the “Country Visiting”
Me: Vanuatu
Immigration Officer: What?
Me: Vanuatu
Immigration Officer: Is it a city or country?
Me: Country
Immigration Officer: Where is it?
Me: Its near Australia... One of the pacific islands...
Immigration Officer: For What Purpose?
Me: As a consultant to a bank and I showed him the invitation letter.
Immigration Officer: Is it..? Sure..? Please go and meet by boss.

Immigration Officer’s Boss: Where are you heading to..?
Me: Vanuatu
Immigration Officer’s Boss: What?
Me: Yes, Vanuatu
Immigration Officer’s Boss: Is it a city or country..?
Me: Country
Immigration Officer's Boss: Where is it?
Me: Its on the planet Vulcan.
Immigration Officer's Boss: For what are you heading there?
Me: I'm going to meet the Vulcan high command on the request of Mr.Spock...
Immigration Officer’s Boss: What race lives there..?
Me: They call them Vulcan's... I replied and gave him a Vulcan salute.

I thought of replying so but I gave him the usual answers again... I couldn't control my laugh when he asked about the race... He smiled back and stamped my passport and I'm pretty much sure, they both would be wondering where the country is and searching the world map...


vijay said...

nice one... i just chked and google map showed me that country. maybe that immigration officer needs a comp with him..

Srinivas said...

Asusual good one.

Shakthi Varman said...

hahaha... hilarious... At one sec i thought u've really spoken the way u wrote in the second para.. u wudnt have reached there if u did though !
hey and is this immigration officer from Australia or India ?

sivaraman said...


manish said...

The humorous presentation belittled the underlying "what race lives there" question... which still reflects the shackles of racism persisting in world's biggest "democracy" called BHARAT...... Great piece of writing Siva