EPL Fantasy Premier League...

I and my friends have created EPL fantasy league... Anyone want to join EPL fantasy league at Permier League...drop a comment over here with your mail id. we would be very happy to accommodate you :)

PS: Ur ID will only be moderated and wont be published here... So please don't mind about dropping ur ID in comments...

Naane Raja Naane Manthiri...


Ever wanted to see Captain in a role other than him speaking about truth, justice, statistics... or don a role not wearing police uniform...? and that movie to be good?? Then this is the one.

Captain Vijayakanth, in the role of stupid and equally arrogant rich village guy fits the bill perfectly. The major plus point of the movie is the comedy and the way Captain delivers the dialogues during comedy sequences is absolutely perfect. Captain and comedy carry the movie.

Radhika as an unemployed girl coming to work in Captian's house and falling in love with him, does the role good. Jeevitha as the Captain's lover doesn't have much to do. Senthil in Captains group and Goundamani made a scapegoat by Captain was good and different to watch.

Music by Ilayaraja...Mayanginen Solla Thayanginaen... is the pick of the songs...

Directed By Baluanandh and screenplay/Dialogue by R sundharrajan(This explains the good comedy in the movie).

But at times I felt like the movie had a Bhagyaraj touch in it. The hero doesn't change much (Becoming a saint in a single scene...blah blah blah)... It was more real. The climax tells it.

Except for the crass Thali sentiment in the end... It was nice to watch though.

My Hindi...

During my days in School, College and for that matter while at work in Bangalore, I was always surrounded by Tamil speaking friends... But after all these travelling... more often than not, most of my friends and colleagues speak Hindi and is always the common mode of communication. I, being a Pachai Tamizhan ;), never learned it in my school days, nor had the enthu to learn it later even though its always good to learn a new language.

Sometimes my friends start talking to me in Hindi and it'll take sometime for them to realize that I hardly get what they say... Even though I never felt handicapped, but at times I feel that I couldn't express myself freely.

Whenever someone asks me about my Hindi, I always reply
"Ek gaav me ek kissan ragu thatha..."