Two Jordanian peacekeepers serving with the United Nations in Haiti have been shot dead in a volatile district of the capital, Port-au-Prince.

"I didn't want to marry, it was my parents' decision," she said. "I dreamed I would be able to finish my education. I had no choice."

We used to eat meat five times a week, and we can only do it twice now. The children don't drink milk three times a day but once for breakfast

Nearly two dozen people were injured as police opened fire in air and used batons and tear gas to disperse thousands of protesters who turned violent

This is NO Tarantino film and I’m NO Tarantino either... But unfortunately all are related to the rise in food prices across the world. They are excerpts from various news articles on rising food prices and how it’s affecting people around ME and YOU... Does anyone of us BOTHER???

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Liverpool… Liverpool… Liverpool

What a week for all the Liverpool fans… Liverpool winning 4-2 on the memorable night against Arsenal… All would say that Liverpool had a share of luck in both the legs against Arsenal with the dubious penalties, but I don’t care as long as we are winning. To say that the best team lost is nonsense. Yeah I agree that Arsenal were too good for Liverpool during the opening 20 minutes, but its all Liverpool after the Sami Hyppia goal... and what a wonder strike from Torres… absolutely fantastic… Had Mascherano squared up for Gerrard instead of Torres who was offside, it would have been 3-1 then, and game over.

But equal credit to Arsenal for such a wonderful game. Never gave up. Pushed till the end… but they had to… It’s the only trophy both the teams were playing for (Unless Arsenal beat ManU over the weekend). Great run by Theo Walcott for the Arsenal second goal. From deep inside the Arsenal half to the Liverpool penalty box to setup Adebayor for the crucial second goal which almost got them through. Great stars are born that way… Hope Walcott grows up to be great footballer (Liverpool wanted to buy him before being prized away by Arsenal).

Arsenal was also to blame for losing it big time… First is Eboue playing in wing He was so awful throughout the day and Wenger for bringing in Walcott so late in place of Eboue. Then the glaring miss by Adebayor. It was a sitter. Henry would have buried it (He showboats as if he is better than Henry). And though the Babel’s penalty was little dubious, how on earth did they allow Babel run to their penalty box immediately after kick off following the second goal. Only the replay of the second goal was going on before the penalty was awarded.

Great penalty by Gerrard though. Don’t know how he manages for Liverpool in those nerve racking moments but not for England??? and the cool finish by Babel for Liverpool’s fourth… Liverpool on the way for the 3rd final in four seasons… and I couldn’t stop myself singing…

“You'll Never Walk Alone”

What a Coincidence!!!

On the same day, the Tamil actors/actresses were observing fast for the Hogenagal water dispute between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, One of my Kannadiga friend lost a Thanni bet with me... At last some Tamilian got Thanni from a Kannadiga ;)

Space BOY

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Hope you find it informative as well as interesting... Sure you 'll...

"Arigato Gozaimaz" to "Salamat Po"

My Version of the "Madras to Pondicherry" story... Not as interesting as the original one but surely has raised mixed emotions in me.

Nov Last Week: My last week in Japan. I really felt sad about leaving Japan. I missed my friends, weekend travels, Ultra clean city, Tokyo Metro, Friendly Japanese people and lot other stuff... I have traveled so much in Japan, North South East and West of Tokyo, I don’t have a count of the places I have visited. One thing I was happy about leaving was the work. One that has become so routine and boring as well and I was all alone too.

Dec 1st Week: Returned to India after hectic last few days in Japan with loads of handover, last minute issues, tickets booking and of course farewell parties ;) . As I was supposed to stay in India for only one week, had to do offshore handover, FOREX settlements, Philippines VISA, blah blah blah... All official nonsense...never had time to spend some time with my friends in Bangalore. Not even had time even to finish the Bottles which I bought in Duty-free. But the next 5 days I stayed in my home town was really memorable... Played cricket daily with my friends... met my cousins... and of course home food after a long long time.

Dec 2nd week: I landed in Philippines on Dec 11th... the land of babes and beaches and that’s true... u can find good looking girls everywhere... The density of good looking girls is so much that one surely will be awestruck and jawstruck ;) (Jollu in Tamil). Now after 4 months here I don’t miss Japan anymore now… Beer, babes and beaches… That’s what gets me going nowadays ;)… Lots of things to know and lots of places to explore…

Life doesn’t/hasn’t change(d) much… Only those who I travel with have changed… (Moral of my story/ Thatuvam of the Day)…