Japan's population crisis

The first of a series on Japan's population crisis from BBC

Nokogiri-yama Vids

Climbing up on foot took almost 1.5 hours but climbing down through ropeway hardly took 5 mins... Climbing up was really hard as it was very slippery and there were very few crazy fellow climbers to make us feel comfortable...As you can see, the way up is hardly in use...

CO2 Emissions by power plants worldwide...

A look at the study by CARMA(Carbon Monitoring for Action) would show you how much the so called "Developed Nations" are polluting the earth.

National power sector emissions (in tonnes of CO2):
US - 2,530 million
China - 2,430 million
Russia - 600 million
India - 529 million
Japan - 363 million
Germany - 323 million
Australia - 205 million
South Africa - 201 million
UK - 192 million
South Korea - 168 million

The most interesting fact is the per capita CO2 emission.
Australia - 10.0 tonnes
US - 8.2 tonnes
UK - 3.2 tonnes
China - 1.8 tonnes
India - 0.5 tonnes

You can dig deeper in the CARMA site for details of every power plant(50,000 power plants in their database). I was checking India and surprisingly, almost all of the high CO2 emiiting plants in India are loacted in Tamilnadu :(


One of the largest Buddha statue in Japan: 21.3 meters high. Quite far from Tokyo (almost takes 2/2.5 hrs) but its worth a day trip and theres not much crowd. We climbed the mountain on foot but better to take the Ropeway because there nothing much on the way up.

How to get there-> Tokyo (--Keiyo line-->) Soga (--Uchibo line-->) Hama Kanaya

Tokyo Motor Show

Few pics from the Tokyo Motor Show. For more pics visit my personal album here

India v Pakistan 2nd ODI

What to say... losing the match when on the brink of victory... Indians bottled the match high time yesterday... I didn’t watch the match LIVE, but was checking the live commentary and also the post match reviews… few things I think changed/might have changed the match result.

-> The Indian middle order collapse when we were cruising. Maybe Indians missed Dravid yesterday. I don’t see a point in including him for the third one day as its not going to serve any purpose pointed out by the selectors in dropping him (Giving Dravid a much needed rest or giving youngsters a chance)

-> Sehwag was not used for bowling. I would have preferred a few over’s from him, as he bowls wicket to wicket, not very expensive and can take wickets, instead of Ganguly bowling 9 overs or maybe few overs in the death when our main bowlers were expensive.

RP Singh--------10.0----0-------59------2

-> Afridi – a hit or miss batsman. Was a hit yesterday

SQL Formatter


Easier way to format hundred of lines of code. At least will be easy for the guys who support your code. :)

Universal Truth


Height of Religiousness - Really Sad

Mother dies after refusing blood
A young mother has died after giving birth to twins, following claims that she had refused a blood transfusion because of her faith.


beach is, for many travelers, their first glimpse of Japan: it's the long coastline you see from the plane coming in over the Pacific into Narita. The name means "99-ri coast", where a "ri" is an old unit of length equal to about 654 meters. The coast is in fact around 60km in length. There are numerous small towns along the coast, from Iioka on the north to Ichinomiya on the south.

How to get there -> Tokyo (--Keiyo line-->) Togane (--Bus(30 mins)-->) Kujukuri-hama

Sanderlings in Kujukuri-Hama