Side Effects of Friends’ Marriages

Was just back from my friend’s marriage in what is a long list of friends’ marriages this month. Couple have got married already and couple more in the coming months. I was just wondering what the effects/side effects on me are.

Not many to make fun now.

No ones for a lunch outside. “Hey da… I have got my Dubba” would be the reply

Can’t sit and talk nonsense for hours anymore.

No more watching some hopeless movie and laughing at everything on screen (Veerasamy, Bose, Yaarukku Yaaro Stepney comes to my mind).

No more last minute Bike trip plans or rather weekend trips.

No weekend booze party and drinking the s*** out.

No company to bars and pubs.

No company for window shopping.

No more getting into trouble with the landlord.

And of course most important of all - No Roommates.

With my parents in no hurry to get their son married, my search for a roommate continues.