Summa irukkarthu onnum summa illa... (Sitting idle is not so easy)... "Based on a True Story"

In one of the Tamil comedies, Vadivelu makes a bet with a guy to sit idle for the whole day and eventually the other guy loses and Vadivelu makes a comment "Summa irukkarthu onnum summa illa... (Sitting idle is not so easy)". Many a times I have thought with the work pressure back home, I can do that for sure and how nice it would be to just sit idle... But after coming here to client side with almost all work done, I'm sitting here just a like a bench warmer in many of the IT companies with absolutely no work to do... The max I do daily was to read the same story twice, couple of Coffees/smoke and call it off for the day... Atleast at offshore I can keep myself busy disturbing others... But with no one around(to disturb as well), its damn boring... I too would have lost that bet...