Sreeshanth Hater

I dont know how many of you hate Sreeshanth but I for sure hate this guy a lot...His antics is for what I hate him most... I can understand if someone who has proved at the international level, who is consistent enough, wins games single handedly can be this arrogant... But Sreeshanth hasnt proved anything... His figures isnt great as well... Has a bowling avaerage of 28.23, 32.78 and economy of 3.26 and 5.74 in Tests and ODI's respectively... Everyone has to learn from Walsh, Ambrose... One of the all time bowling greats... I have never seen them stare at anyone or a second look... even if a newbie hits them for a four or six...

Sreeshanth Bowling Average:
Bowling Mat--Inns--Balls--Runs--Wkts--BBI--BM--Ave--Econ--SR--4w--5w-10
Tests 11--22--2387--1299--46--5/40--8/99--28.23--3.26--51.8--4--1--0
ODIs 32--32--1575--1508--46--6/55--6/55--32.78--5.74--34.2--1--1--0
T20Is 8--7--162--216--7--2/12--2/12--30.85--8.00--23.1--0--0--0

But for sure I'm not the only one who hate him... but there close to 11 orkut
community of Sreeshanth Haters... Just behind Ricky Ponting... Which for sure he can be proud of ;) Sreenshanth Hate Clubs

The media has its own share in endorsing these stuff... Whenever I see him doing some nonsense stuff, u can always hear "This is good for the game", "One can expect a great series" and stuff like that... Also now he into movies as well...He is supposed to act in one malayalam film with Mammoty...

But this is not sportmanship... Im not saying Sreeshanth is the only one.. I hate Nel and I hate the Australian team for that... Sledging (Supposedly claimed as Mind Games by some) should never be tolerated... Otherwise this would make some like me turn away from Cricket...