"Champions India win again..."

Thats what the electronic scoreboard read after the emphatic win against the Aussies in the Mumbai Twenty20. Australia cruising at one stage(110/2 in 13 overs) was reduced to a meagre total of 166 in 20 overs by some good spin bowling by Harbhajan and Murali Karthik which is always a chaseable total in this format. India while chasing were so much at ease and never looked like losing. Sehwag as usual was out cheap, but some class shots from Gambhir, Uthappa helped India cruise to a comfortable win. Really a great performance from the youngsters.


But.... After the humiliating exit from the world cup, India had a easy series against Bangladesh(ofcourse they beat India in worldcup, but they are not that consistent) and after the embarassing 4-1 loss to the Aussies, we had the Twenty20 against Australia, the format with which we are really comfortable right now... How come India get a easier series almost after every tough one... is it a ploy by the BCCI to schedule it in a way so that we would forgot what actually happened... are they the Visionaries???

On the lighter side, here is one of the mail forward mocking the dialogue from the movie "Sivaji"

It goes like this:
Villain: Engala enna manja satta potta manja makkan nu nenachiya? Paaru ethana peru vanthirukkom innu... (See how many guys have come... u thought we are fools are what..?)

Rajini: Panni thaan padai oda varum... Singam single'a thaan varum... (Pigs only come in droves... Lion comes alone only)


Ponting: Australia na manja satta potta manja makkan nu nenachiya?
Australia da, World Champion Australia da.
Palaya WC record a eduthu paru (See how many world cups we have won)

Dhoni: Kanna... Panninga than neraiya World cup Jeikkum,
Singam Single World Cup dan Jeikkum. (Pigs only wins so many world cups... Lions win only one)

Room pottu yosippangalo...