Events as on Fri-Sat 4th-5th May 2007

Artists: Me, Muthu, Annamalai, Parthi, Srini(Forced him into it), Vijay anand.

Fri 07:30 PM I, Muthu, Annamalai went to Garuda Mall

Fri 09:00 PM Had dinner in Garuda Mall Shiv Sagar

Fri 09:20 PM Spider man 3 sold out. Wasn’t able to get ticket.

Fri 09:50 PM At last got tickets because of SMS cancellation of tickets.

Fri 10:10 PM Movie started

Sat 00:00 AM Called Srini to wish him Happy Bday

Sat 01:00 AM Came home. Parthi returned from office.

Sat 02:00 AM Decided to have the left out beers which Annamalai has brought from Bulgaria. Parthi left for office with his bags packed. Leaving for Chennai in the early morning flight.

Sat 02:10 AM Someone came up with a ridiculous idea of cooking that night.

Sat 02:15 AM Started pestering Srini with Bday calls.

Sat 03:00 AM Power cut. Overcooked Dhall.

Sat 03:15 AM Started everything again.

Sat 04:00 AM Cooking almost through.

Sat 04:30 AM Asked Parthi to join us. By that time we finished the beers.

Sat 05:00 AM Finished our early morning breakfast.

Sat 05:15 AM Parhi left.

Sat 05:45 AM All three left for majestic to pick our friend Vijay anand.

Sat 06:30 AM Picked him up from the railway station

Sat 07:30 AM Returned home.

Sat 08:30 AM Slept at last.