Bangalore - Tokyo Itinerary...


Our office Travel agents made a big mess out of it... first it was supposed be a direct flight from Bangalore to Bangkok... Then they made it as Banglore-Chennai-Bangkok... Earlier the flight was scheduled @ 10:45 and later rescheduled it to 7:55...:'( the tickets at 6:00...Hurried to Bangalore airport... As this was my first travel, I was not comfortable with the aircraft procedures...also i didnt have time to filter the unwanted things that I didnt want to carry...also missed few basic amenities...(my experience on flight in a seperate post)

Definitely not the best itinerary...but it turned out to be good for me... Called one of my friend in Chennai from airport to meet me there... Reached channai at around 9:15...Met my friend after an year... Thank god, all my stuff passed through the security without any hassles... and also no problem with the immigration...

Then took Thai Airaways to Bangkok, Suwarnabhoomi Airport. Defnitely it was tooooo good compared to the airports in Inida. Definitely world class... Landed at the Swarnabhoomi airpot at early morning 6:15... The flight was late by an hour... so had to rush through in Bangkok...

Suwarnabhoomi Airport

I would walked around 2 Kms afetr entering the airport to the transit office and from there to the Japan flight... Five hours journey from there to Tokyo...Reached Tokyo at around 3:00 PM local time.

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