Time Pass

Not during free time... Time pass during office hours ;)

What else… chat with friends… family… Every time the network guys put on a show blocking gtalk access, some guys will find a way to make it work… I’m not the one to find a way... I’m one of those privileged who get to use… :)

If you talk market… you will be respected in office for sure… There will be lot of guys who follow market and a good time pass too… Also none of the sites will be blocked in most offices as everyone does it.
What else… you can even arrange opening bell coffee break… closing bell break and so on

Install Stumbleupon plug-in and start stumbling… you get to hit some really good sites… Have you ever stumbled upon the same site twice… I have… :)

All hail the forwarders… Lot of e-book sites and lot of e-book mail forwards… I finished 3 Harry potter books sitting in office. And also it will look like you are going through some document from distance. ;)

Flash Games:
Form helicopter to drunken driving lot of fun games to time pass with.

This post was written in office only :)

I’m really mad about football... as it is 365 days a year game ,there’s lot of news/gossips/transfers to track... Starting with BBC, Mirror, Sun... to my favourite club website... hell a lot of sites to time pass

BBC’s forum for football and others... Lots of banter and WUMming...

And of course.. sight seeing.. bird watching... napping... etc etc... :D

Whats yours???