Stupid, Smart and the Loser....???

Everyday I used to take taxi from my apartment in Makati, Manila to the office in Macapagal Blvd.,Pasay city. Today too I started to office early at around 11 AM ;) and took a taxi. Once getting in, I told the driver about the drop and he thought about it for a second and said "Meter plus 20 Pesos extra". This is very common over here. Sometimes they ask so much (if they see a foreigner), that you will surely be tempted to use the FOUR letter word(200 for a 60 Peso ride)... I was in no mood to give anything extra, so said "No...Only meter...". He asked me to get another taxi... I got down and took another taxi to office. The meter showed 70 pesos and I had only 100 Peso notes in my pocket... I gave the driver 100 Pesos and after a second he said
"No Change"...


vijay said...

adhe taxi-la innum 30 peso-ku ride panni irrukalam ni..