India v Pakistan 2nd ODI

What to say... losing the match when on the brink of victory... Indians bottled the match high time yesterday... I didn’t watch the match LIVE, but was checking the live commentary and also the post match reviews… few things I think changed/might have changed the match result.

-> The Indian middle order collapse when we were cruising. Maybe Indians missed Dravid yesterday. I don’t see a point in including him for the third one day as its not going to serve any purpose pointed out by the selectors in dropping him (Giving Dravid a much needed rest or giving youngsters a chance)

-> Sehwag was not used for bowling. I would have preferred a few over’s from him, as he bowls wicket to wicket, not very expensive and can take wickets, instead of Ganguly bowling 9 overs or maybe few overs in the death when our main bowlers were expensive.

RP Singh--------10.0----0-------59------2

-> Afridi – a hit or miss batsman. Was a hit yesterday