Getting there from Tokyo is pretty easy. Just buy a Hokone free pass from Shinjuku which is a round trip pass from Shinjuku back to Shinjuku all at 5500 Yen for adults and 2750 for kids. Take the Odakyu line from Shinjuku to Odawara and your day starts there. They provide English map along with the pass which lists all places of interest. Other way to get there is to take the Tokaido line from Tokyo station to Odawara and buy the pass at Odawara(4130 Yen/2070 Yen). One can easily spend a day visiting various parks/museums etc. Dont forget to have Black egg at Owakudari(Nothing special but just for fun).

Hakone Open air Museum


Black Egg (Boiled in Natural Sulphur water)

Boiling Sulphur Water

Lake Aishi

Hokone Checkpoint

Ancient Cedar Avenue

Hokone Wild Grass Garden

Imperial Rest House